About me

Oak sapling held in hands with motivational statement.A warm welcome to Blossom Therapeutics, my name is Lindsey Houston.
Just a little bit about me… as you may be wondering how I will encourage, support and help you to bloom into the real you, that you seek to nurture.

If you were to ask me what it is I want to bring to you, I’d reply that it is always my best intention, to inspire you to reach a better place of mental, physical and spiritual well-being.
A collaborative approach whereby we reduce the way you are suffering in the way that you do, whilst emboldening a sense of insight, self-compassion and kindness, which lights the path to the new beginnings you desire.

I’d like to journey alongside you, sharing and imparting my knowledge and compassion, to make a difference to you. So please dig in and root around amongst the different therapies, until you find what’s right for you or your loved one, to start to grow and blossom.

I am a Complementary Therapist spanning 25+ years, spending 20 years as a practitioner within Northern Ireland’s NHS, working within the Disability sector for both adults and children. My focus as a Complementary Therapist has rewardingly been within Neurological Disease, Acquired Brain Injury and Physical and Learning Disability.

In the private sector I have offered therapeutic treatments within varying environments such as health spa, sports clubs, elderly care and specialist schools.

Flower motivational quote.Over these years working alongside people from all walks of life I have gained insight and wisdom, which directed my focus of attention along new and expanding routes, towards mental health and physical well-being for all and especially empowering women and children in their outlook and life choices.

Making the commitment to emblazon change by taking meaningful, personal and passionate steps towards your destination and to heal in the way your body and mind knows best, really will open your heart, to who you wish to be.