Lavender and Essential Oil BottleThis last thirty years or more has seen inspiring renewal and revival into Aromatherapy. Yet aromatherapy is not a new concept, it’s a therapy that has been embraced and sought after since ancient times and on through the ages.

Aromatherapy combines relaxing massage techniques with the use of aromatic essential oils, to nurture the whole body, encouraging its natural abilities to heal, rest and rejuvenate.
Essential oils are harvested from flowers, trees, roots, herbs, spices and grasses, their essence creating potent extracts, which can be expertly blended in nourishing base oils to give a truly fragrant massage experience.

Aromatherapy is a beneficial way to reawaken our senses and connection to our feelings of well-being. Through the sense of touch and smell, we can really positively impact our brain health and happiness by encouraging our daily DOSE of neurotransmitters, as well as our body’s well-being through reduction in tension and stress related symptoms.Candle-lit therapy room with flowers.

Aromatherapy massage encourages not only Dopamine for a sense of optimism and motivation, but also other neurotransmitters. The gentle nurturing massage lulls and loves our minds, triggering Oxytocin release, whilst Serotonin brings us that joyful mood boost, that makes us feel on top of the world! Relaxing those tight muscles that can pull on joints and press on nerves, releases Endorphins that lessen our sensations of pain. As a child, and even now as an adult, the first thing we did when we fell over was to rub the injured area, to soothe and lessen the pain and distress. Often now we forget what once we instinctively knew.

Modern society wonders at how to relieve anxiety and stress generated in a busy fractured life, when years ago our ancestors had this built into their daily living, rituals and routines. Aromatherapy is one such way that we can take time for self-care and a love for ourselves.Motivational quote to encourage self-care

As well as triggering the positive changes in the chemical responses in our body and mind, using aromatics, it is an effective way to reduce the chemicals we don’t want. Lessening adrenaline and cortisol lowers our heart rates and blood pressures, bringing down our feelings of anxiety and fear. Regular massage really does have long lasting positive effects, both mentally and physically. Deep relaxation isn’t just ‘all in your head,’ it’s from your head to your toes!

An aromatherapy treatment is designed uniquely for you. After taking a confidential consultation relating to your health and well-being, a blend of essential oils is created specifically, according to what is mentally and physically important to you, to focus on in that session.Aromatherapy Back Massage

Aromatherapy is known for its special qualities in reducing stress related concerns, headaches, insomnia and anxiety. With the incorporation of lymphatic drainage massage, this beneficially reduces fluid and toxin build up, helping circulation, immune system stimulus and oxygenation of tissues to assist healing.

The gift of Aromatherapy to yourself or a loved one can never be under-estimated. Creating different essential oil blends with each visit, harmonises the mind and body and encourages us to flourish in new and exciting ways. As we journey on around the worlds scents with each blend, I encourage you to use the time for both inner and outer reflection, replenishment and revitalisation that is so important to us all.