Sleeptember is Here!

Monkey asleep during the day.“I’m so good at sleeping that I can do it with my eyes closed.” — Anonymous

We are all born with the innate primal instinct of the need for regular sleep. It’s not just a survival trait that’s hard wired into us for physical and mental rejuvenation, but also this regular practice brings benefit to every biological function of the body and mind, according to Matthew Walker, a world leading sleep expert.

The moon at sunrise over a lake.This morning I woke up, it was still deliciously dark and my most idyllic realisation was that I felt utterly rested and rejuvenated. Not only that but I was still so nestled into my sleep it took longer than usual to realise what day of the week it was…and did I need to get up…? NO! I gave myself permission not to squint at the clock…it was still dark so I definitely didn’t need to know what time it was… and what’s more opening my eyes would mean waking up from a relaxed slumber that felt too beautiful to leave. Ahhh, pure bliss this was an absolute gift to treasure…and treasure I did, it was perfect!

Mornings like this can be few and far between not only for myself, but also for lots of other people. And yet… I find myself wondering does it really have to be this way?

It’s estimated that approximately 71% of people of the UK do not get the recommended 7-9 hours’ sleep a night with a staggering 14% – 1 in 7 people regularly getting less than 5 hours sleep a night.

#Sleeptember 43% of us cite stress and worry as the biggest obstacle for getting good sleep.Insomnia can begin with a stressful life event and can perpetuate due to the way a person thinks, feels and behaves in relation to the sleep problem. Some people get stuck in a vicious circle of anxiety and begin to make compensation for their sleep loss e.g., taking a nap, going to bed earlier or sleeping longer at the weekend. When we are at our most stressed, we trigger adrenaline which keeps us in our fight and flight mode, denying us the sleep we crave. The monkey mind creates ginormous mountains out of mole hills at midnight, that in the light of day and a good rest can be resolved easily.

We live in a modern, busy and at times complicated world…often we’ve made it that way with technology screen over usage, cluttered spaces and reduced emphasis on friendship and positive activities.

We can uncomplicate life by following some simple well known sleep hygiene tips such as: –

  • Create a cool, dark environment with a comfortable, supportive mattress.
  • Remove gadgets and screens an hour before bed-time.
  • Create a soothing bedtime routine-the repetition helps the brain to feel safe and content.
  • Remove daily caffeine and alcohol consumption, especially 5 hours before sleep.
  • Be consistent with your schedule of going to sleep and rising in the morning.

Positive motivational quote.Using these helpful strategies along with an understanding of just how are brains are thinking in relation to sleep and sleep deprivation, can be pivotal to making the changes that lots of people seek. Do we need sleep to simply survive or do we want to thrive? Is sleep a luxury commodity, or is it your priority that helps the rest of your life naturally fall into a better rhythm?

Using a solution focused approach with Hypnotherapy for Sleep and relaxing Complementary Therapies such as Reflexology, allows YOU to take back much needed control in the most unexpected of ways. A positive step by step approach really will help you to drift and dream through the night yet importantly manifest the goals that will bring revitalisation and a spark of light to your day.

Please contact me to find out more and book your space on the exciting Sleeptember workshops I currently have running on the 22nd and 29th September at Two’s Company, 1a Livilands Gate, Stirling, FK8 2AT. Looking forward to meeting you there and sharing some well needed Rest and Relaxation time.