Womb, Fertility and Digestive Massage Therapy


Woman carrying a rucksack on a forest pathWelcome, you have arrived on this page…I want to truly make you feel welcome as you read on all about this beautiful therapy. Come just as you are, and we’ll  continue your journey, from where you are at now….to re-connect to your vibrant authentic self, that perhaps has been lost in transit.

Womb massage therapy is a unique experience of blended techniques which focuses the massage on the back and abdomen. Whilst using techniques familiar to swedish body massage, aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage, there is also a lovely connection to pulsing, acupressure, reiki and guided meditation.

Using the rocking nature of pulsing, our body, mind and spirit are lulled into a rhythm that’s not only comforting, but allows us to tap into our innate wisdom and flow. Rebozos, traditional colourful mexican woven scarves are used to wrap and rock the body to achieve that soothing fluidity of movement with a  deeper sense of calm and connection. A cocoon of safe comfort and warmth can be created that allows immersion into the therapy and renewal that our hearts are calling for.

Acupressure points can be accessed to create balance and relieve tension whilst moments of insightful stillness, realisation and recognition can be evoked through vocal visual guided meditation.

Candle-lit lanternAiming at finding our authentic selves is a journey that finds the true spirit of the woman within. When we give ourselves time and hold a space for healing change, often we find our journey takes shape and the pathway lights up, in ways we could never have foretold.

Womb massage therapy gives you the space and time to search for the flow of creative empowerment, courage and wisdom that is always inside you. Honouring your womb and her space within, with the messages she brings forth, can allow healing when we have a willingness to listen and truly hear with a gentle understanding.

Being enlightened about our period cycle in a holistic manner, can help us to work with the flow, rather than against our natural cyclical rhythm. There is a season and time for everything.

Womb massage therapy is suitable for ladies young and mature. A young woman just embarking on the beginning of her menstrual journey into womanhood can benefit just as much, as a mature lady reaching the season of her second spring through menopause.

Hand massageWe may choose womb massage therapy to help with our period flow be it heavy, cramping or irregular and for conditions such as endometriosis or PCOS which can take over life in ways we do not want.

In our perimenopause years it is not uncommon for women to prepare for menopause and beyond by truly re-evaluating their career, lifestyle and commitments. Receiving this therapy during this season of your life can give valuable time out and an individual serene space to contemplate what desires you are absolutely passionate about, any adjustments in life that would help and yes… validating completely new directions which you may want to take.

For others, the journey towards Motherhood has left us still yearning, bereft and at times even feeling broken. This beautiful therapy can merge with the woman you are and hold you; gently nurturing, embracing and encouraging you onwards.

Conception and the gift of life is exactly that…a miraculous gift. Women around the world have received this therapy, whose roots connect back to indigenous cultures, to seek their fulfilment and longing for the gift of baby life. You can use this therapy to support your journey, whether it is taken by yourself, as a couple naturally or with IVF.

Irritable bowel, constipation, bloating and discomfort are symptoms none of us like to experience.

Woman having abdominal massageThe digestive massage is integral and indispensable to the womb and digestive massage therapy.  It is a unique massage to the abdomen, and the neural connections of the lower back to provide relief and ease to the digestive system.

Using topical techniques of massage, the colon can be encouraged to contract rhythmically, thus assisting bowel regulation and a better flow of bowel matter.

Digestion upset can be connected to our thoughts and stress levels. Using Womb and Digestive Massage to lower our stress levels and find a new natural rhythm, can be just the encouragement for our bowels to feel a sense of balance and improved comfort.

Essential oil bottle and rose petalsFurther utilisation of specific and individually blended aromatherapy essential oils can really boost the benefits felt through the session. Whether the oils chosen are for relaxation, stress, digestive ease, emotional trauma or pain, the wonderful therapeutic benefits of essential oils add an extra dimension of comfort, healing and connection that cannot be overestimated.

The freedom I wish for you grows from your roots, branches out in new directions, and spirals up to your flourishing blossom. The renewal that you find is individual and comes through the journey.

Red glowing candleDiscovering the empowered woman we want to be, allows  us to step into our glow.  When we mobilise our intuitive knowing, find our passions, ignite self belief and grow love and compassion for ourselves we can see our real selves shine, and that can realise our true gifts and desires.